Great Taste Awards
(Guild of Fine Food)

** GOLD Gooseberry Jam

* GOLD Gooseberry Jam
Judges commented "Pretty orange-pink colour with chunks of gooseberries. Nice shine and consistency. The golden colour is very attractive. The light set is good and texture is pleasant."
* GOLD Whortleberry Jam
Judges commented "Great colour to this product and a good heavy set. Visually stunning. The initial fruit flavours come through clean and true. We like the whole berries in the jam and feel that the product is well made. The tartness of the berries offsets the sweetness of the jam."

* GOLD Taunton Jelly
Judges commented "Lovely sparkling, clear jelly with a clean flavour, good set and delicately cidery"

* GOLD Apple & Mint Jelly
* GOLD Whortleberry Jam

Taste of the West Food
& Drink Awards

HIGHLY COMMENDED Dark Exmoor Marmalade with Rum
HIGHLY COMMENDED Raspberry Jam with Kirsch

GOLD Cherry & Seedless Blackcurrant Jam
SILVER Apple & Ale Chutney
HIGHLY COMMENDED Raspberry & Vanilla Jam

GOLD Apple Cheese with Cider Brandy
Judges commented "Packed very nicely…tells you everything you need to know. It has a lovely cider apple aroma and it looks beautiful with a real country cottage kitchen appearance. The texture is very nice - lovely and smooth, almost spreadable. Very well made.
Its overall flavour was described as 'lush'! It would work well with either sweet or savoury."

The judges commented that it was wonderful just eaten on its own and with cheddar! They requested a bigger jar!!!
GOLD Apple & Mint Jelly
SILVER West Country Cider Chutney

BRONZE Dark Exmoor Marmalade with Rum
BRONZE Blackberry & Apple Jam
BRONZE Cranberry & Whortleberry Jam

GOLD Gooseberry Jam
SILVER Apple & Ginger Chutney
SILVER Cranberry Sauce with Port
SILVER Lemon & Lime Marmalade

GOLD Raspberry Jam
GOLD Raspberry & Redcurrant Cheese
GOLD Crab Apple Jelly
SILVER West Country Cider Chutney

GOLD Bramble Jelly
SILVER Raspberry Jam with Kirsch
SILVER Cherry & Seedless Blackcurrant Jam
BRONZE Dark Exmoor Marmalade with Rum